Proximity to customers is a key success factor for the Auto division. In order to ensure that we can collaborate efficiently with our customers in the future, too, while taking their individual needs into account, we are constantly investing in initial and continued training for our sales team. At the same time, we are helping our customers to meet the rising demands of the automotive market, and are expanding our offering to include strategically important specialist areas, such as the auto special tools segment.

Car subdivision
The customers in the car subdivision include vehicle manufacturers, brand-specific and independent car dealers, vehicle fleets, customers with large vehicle fleets, and specialist businesses such as bodywork specialists, vehicle restorers and tire changing businesses. The customer portfolio also includes other service providers, such as car glaziers.

Cargo / Commercial Vehicles subdivision
The customers of the Cargo / Commercial Vehicles subdivision are authorized dealers and independent workshops, freight forwarders and transportation companies, public-sector utilities and waste disposal companies, as well as companies from the agricultural sector.

Division Auto