simply good.

simply in the middle of it: Peter Zizka
simply top-class: Sammy Minkoff
simply magical: Peter Petter / Archiv Würth
simply inspiring: Ueli Steingruber
simply multifunctional: Daniel Köhler / Archiv Würth
simply connected: Jörg Eberl
simply incredible: Archiv Würth
simply ready to go: Matthew Florian / Würth USA
simply international: Andi Schmid
simply unbeatable: Hilger & Boie Design
simply e-mobile: Audi Sport
simply fascinating: Andreas Lechner
simply genuine: Daniel Köhler / Archiv Würth
simply curious: Matthias Balk / picture alliance / dpa
simply committed: Peter Petter / Archiv Würth
simply touched: Andi Schmid
simply spirited: Andreas Lechner
simply clever: Königs-Fotografie
simply mesmerizing: © Simon Menges (linkes Bild) | Andi Schmid (rechtes Bild)
simply right: Andi Schmid
simply great: Andi Schmid
simply customized: Knud Dobberke und Frank Wolf-Zürn GbR
simply electrifying: Würth Elektronik
simply new: TM Studios, Fürth
simply flourishing: Bernhard Zinnau
simply würth: Archiv Würth


Group management report

illustrations: Hilger & Boie Design, Wiesbaden