engagement has many faces

Assets go hand in hand with responsibility: Würth provides support in the fields of art, music and literature, science and teaching. After all, our culture is defined by what we see, hear, say and think. And this culture is the environment in which we operate: as human beings and as a company.

Specifically, this means: We open museums. After all, everyone should have access to art. We organize concerts, because music creates a forum in which new worlds can emerge. We promote talented individuals, because they turn a simple sound, word or color into magical works of art with their dedication and devotion. We bring groups that have been marginalized back into the spotlight, giving them a voice and a helping hand. Together with Carmen Würth, we are committed to helping people with disabilities. Their place in society has to be a matter of course.

It is crucial to provide help where it is needed most! Würth is currently supporting the state of Baden-Württemberg with the integration of refugees. Providing spontaneous aid is important, too: In September 2017, hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes in the massive earthquake in Mexico, including Würth employees. Of course, we are on hand to help. This is where our commitment goes without saying.