hohenlohe zentralarchiv neuenstein

(Photo: Thomas Gburek)

The purpose of the Würth Foundation is to promote art and culture, science and research, training and education, as well as to provide support to refugees. Founded back in 1987 by Reinhold and Carmen Würth, the foundation focuses on projects from the Hohen­lohe region, where the Group is headquartered.

The Würth Foundation is also the supporting ­organization of the Competence Center for Economic Education and the educational institutions Freie Schule Anne-Sophie in Künzelsau and ­Berlin. Moreover, it serves as the ­trustee administrating the funds of the Foundation for the Promotion of Reinhold-Würth-Hochschule in Kün­zelsau.

Other major third-party projects include the Hohenloher Kultursommer, as well as the international ­violin competition organized every other year by Kultur­stiftung Hohenlohe (Hohenlohe Cultural Foundation), Youth Opera Schloss Weikersheim and the Hohenlohe Central Archive Neuenstein (photo above).