Kulturhaus Würth

The magical backdrop of the cultural center “Kulturhaus Würth” with the library “Bibliothek Frau Holle”. (Photo: Andi Schmid)

The cultural center “Kulturhaus Würth”, along with its integrated library “Bibliothek Frau Holle”, has been enriching cultural life in Künzelsau since May 2017. The establishment was created on the initiative of Carmen Würth. It serves as a social gathering point and cultural center which appeals to all age groups and sections of the population. The refer­ence library on the first floor features over 7,000 works from Carmen Würth’s private collection and includes sundry genres and topics from fiction to specialist literature, reference works and rare copies in a lovingly designed milieu.
The multi-functional event hall on the ground floor, measuring 100 square meters, offers enough space for around 80 people. It is possible to hold a wide range of events there, supported by cutting-edge technology. The building was designed to be accessible for the disabled.

Special emphasis is placed on activities for children and adolescents. Events include regular story times at the library “Bibliothek Frau Holle”, where volunteers read fairy tales and tell stories to children, as well as events held with Carmen Würth. The response to the cultural center “Kulturhaus Würth” has been very positive from the outset.

»  I am convinced that we can all learn a lot from books and stories, yes even from fairy tales. «
Carmen Würth