hotel restaurant anne sophie

The Lindele shop offers products made by disadvantaged people from all over the world and is connected directly to Hotel-Restaurant Anne-Sophie. (Photo: Andreas Lechner)

“Everyone can do something,” is how Carmen Würth summarizes her commitment to helping people with disabilities in a very modest manner. Carmen Würth devotes her time to bringing people with and without disabilities together in order to foster understanding and acceptance. One good example of her determination is Hotel-Restaurant ­Anne-Sophie in Künzelsau. Learning from one another, being there for each other – this describes working life for the employees at the hotel that she called into being. Be it in the kitchen, as a member of the waitstaff, or in housekeeping: everyone pitches in, employees both with and without disabilities. Carmen Würth’s aim is to use Hotel-Restaurant Anne-Sophie to show visitors that this concept can be a recipe for success. The hotel currently employs a workforce of 90, around one third of whom have disabilities.

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